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Gold Price Calculator Live


GOLD price, tool to calculate the value of your Gold, the Gold prices.

Calculate the value of your GOLD, Gold Price.
Enter the weight in grams or troy ounces and get the price of your GOLD depending on the selected Carats.
The calculation is updated according to the quote of the day, today gold price, the price of gold.
This Application can calculate the value of gold 24 karat (24kt, 24k), 18 karat (18k, 18k), 14 karat (14kt, 14k), 24 carat (24-karat), 18 carat (18-karat), 14 carat (14-karat).
The evaluation of gold is expressed in Dollars or Euros, in grams or troy ounces.

The price of Gold, Silver, Bronze, precious metals is important for someone who buys and sells gold. Applies to Gold coins, the Pound of Gold, Silver Pound, and also for the ingot of silver and gold bullion. And is possible to invest in gold bullion, usually of pure gold.
The price of Gold is now depending on the international market in euros or dollars.

This mobile app, to use on the phone or on the road, it is essential for anyone wishing to sell or buy gold: investors, buyers or sellers.

The price of gold, goldprice, is set every day and there is a historical set. The main producers of gold are South Africa, United States of America, Australia, Russia. The Gold in nature is in the form of nuggets, beads and sequins. In gold mines: the Gold is extracted by miners in the mine of gold. Gold is the basis of the monetary system Gold Standard.
Gold is used in jewelery. Yellow. Was coined and are produced gold medals and tokens for coins, gold decorations, gold and silver watches, gold jewelry.
White gold is an alloy of platinum, palladium, nickel or zinc. In jewelry endeavor even green gold and red gold.
Currency code: XAU

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