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Kathita Kiirua Water Project

C.E.F.A. stands for European Committee for Agriculture and Training, is a Italian Non Governmental Organization promoting developing projects aimed to meet the primary needs of people (food, water, health, education). Each project tries to match productive intervention with actions aimed at social and cultural development.
CEFA is working in Kenya, Tanzania, Morocco, Somalia, Albania, Bosnia and Guatemala.

KATHITA KIIRUA WATER PROJECT is an integrated rural development programme started by C.E.F.A. in 1991. Its originality rest on the conjunction of a number of interventions in tree fields: water, agriculture and training.
In Water. The realization of a community based water system that serves 30,000 people, covering an area of 167 Km2 , with 150 Km of pipes.
In Agriculture. Forestation and soil conservation were the first initiatives started by CEFA followed recently by pilot initiatives in drip irrigation techniques, fruit planting and grafting.
In Training. The "subjects": Self Reliance, Community Organization, "Katiba" (the need for Bylaws), Financial Management, Operation & Maintenance, Hygiene and Sanitation, Environmental Conservation

Still a lot has to be done, come inside to discover more !

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